Our Wines

Sensational Summer Sipping

Cape Riesling

Crisp, fresh and lively

Fresh, lively and bone-dry, with subtle grassy hints and fruit flavours, this is a deliciously refreshing wine, ideal for everyday enjoyment.

Taste for Life

Semillon Chardonnay

Subtle citrus flavours, unwooded

A delicate, medium bodied marriage of two classic white varieties. Peach and apple nuances combine with subtle citrus flavours in the unwooded, well-balanced blend.

Sweet Styling

Bouquet Blanc

Golden-hued, sunripe richness

Golden hued, with the soft, sunripe richness of Gewürztraminer and Bukettraube harvested at optimum berry ripeness.

Heart Stealer

Moscato Rosé

Delicate Floral aromas

Blush pink in colour this blend of Shiraz, Muscat Ottonel and Colombard has resulted in a semi-sweet rosé with delicate peachy flavours and floral undertones, underpinned with a hint of spice.

Elegant Elixir


Lightly-oaked, approachable

The lightly oaked, approachable blend of Ruby Cabernet and Cabernet Sauvignon is made to be enjoyed young, but will improve in the bottle for the next two years.