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Make your Own Watercolour Easter Eggs

28 Feb 2018

Easter is upon us and shops are filled with marvelous, and sometimes very expensive chocolate treats. Why not take a moment and personalise your own chocolate eggs –

What you need:

Candy coated chocolate Easter eggs

Gel food colouring

Watercolour paintbrush

Paper towel


  1. Mix a little bit of food colouring with water, to thin it slightly.
  2. Paint a base colour around the bottom of your egg, or cover the whole egg.
  3. Using a green food colouring, paint a palm leaf. Start with one long stroke and then add leaves by doing small strokes off to each side.
  4. Add a variety of leaves. Mix in some yellow and do some smaller and some larger leaves.

Make your own Festive Crackers!

08 Nov 2017

Tired of store-bought festive crackers? Well why not make your own this festive season; not only will they save you money, but you can surprise your guests with some unique and personal little gifts as fillers!

Gather your supplies –
– Template printed on cardboard (this can be downloaded here)
– Cracker snaps
– Paint and paintbrush
– Twine or ribbon
– Craft knife or scissors
– Glue
– Ruler


1.Cut out the cracker according to the template
2.Personalise your cracker with paint
3. Fold along the edges of the internal cuts. Mountain folds on the edges of the diamonds, trough folds through the middle
4. Glue in your cracker snap and trim it
5. Roll up your cracker. Insert the tab into its slot and tie with twine

Filler ideas:
– Fold mini origami pieces, chosen to match your guest’s personality
– Include personalised notes, jokes and facts, rolled up and tied
– Use a chocolate mould to make your own chocolates, wrapped in foil
– Make Christmas hats by cutting strips of tissue paper, folding them, cutting the peak and then glueing the two ends together.


Introducing and setting up your Bullet Journal

15 Feb 2017

Bullet Journaling is a fantastic and creative way in planning and organising your life. Join The Rabbit & The Robin as she shows how to set up your journal for 2017!

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Theuniskraal Trail Run 2016

23 Jun 2016

Join us for the third Theuniskraal Trail Run on the estate on the 24th/25th of June. Routes of 7.5km/15km & 25km will be set out and afterwards one can enjoy the live entertainment and wines of the estate.

Christmas Winter Festival in Tulbagh at Theuniskraal

23 Jun 2016

We would like to invite you to join us at the Christmas Winter Festival in Tulbagh at Theuniskraal. 25th & 26th June 2016.